Psychic Mediumship

What is a Psychic?

Every person has some degree of Psychic Ability within them. It's your sixth sense, your internal guidance that tells you if something is wrong or right with a situation, that feeling when your hair stands on end or your skin suddenly becomes hot or cold for no apparent reason. Its part of the close relationships you have with other people where you know what they will say before they even say it, where you can tell what they are thinking or feeling without them saying a word - sometimes without even seeing their faces. Its thinking about somebody and in that moment they call or text you. Its feeling or just knowing somehow that something is going to happen, and then it does.

Being psychic, or having psychic ability means that you can connect to the energy, aura, or soul of a living thing. To see what they see, feel what they feel, know what they know. When developed further, it can provide guidance and knowledge which can be passed on to help the person, or give them confidence in their choices, to know that their own gut instinct was right. At an even deeper level, psychic ability can help you to see into the past as well as the present - and even predict potential future outcomes. ​

As well as being able to connect to the energy or soul of a living thing, some psychics have the ability to connect to physical objects such as a building or area of land, or jewellery and photographs. These psychics can touch or be in the vicinity of these objects and connect to the energy held within it. Some are able to connect to the owner(s) of an object on a psychic level and use this ability to provide readings of help and guidance, using the object as an anchor. Others can see or feel or know the past of an object or a place, and are able to give accurate information this way.

What is a Medium?

It has been said that every person in the World is born psychic to some degree, however not every person is born a Medium. A medium is somebody that acts as a conduit between our physical world and the spirit world. The term medium comes from this ability - being the medium between the two. A medium can communicate with Spirits (souls who have passed on from the physical world) in various ways. Some mediums can see them, others can hear them, some can smell them (think perfume or cigarette smoke). Others have a combination of all these "extra senses". All mediums can feel spirit - whether it be just a knowing that they are nearby, or actually feeling their emotions or ailments they may have had when they were living in the physical world.

Mediums work for the spirit world, connecting with spirits who want to communicate with those still living in the physical - usually family or friends. The job of a working medium is to give evidence that life goes on after death, that the soul and personality of a person lives on. They aim to give comfort and healing to the spirit and to their loved ones they wish to communicate to. The level of depth of the information and guidance provided to their client depends on their abilities and how developed those abilities are. A medium can only give to the client what they are given by spirit - though they may ask the spirit questions, that spirit may not give the answer. The spirit and the medium work together to give information and guidance to the client to help them in some way.​

What is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium uses both aspects of Psychic and Mediumship ability during a reading or sitting (in person or via phone, email, messenger, etc). They tune into their client psychically, create a connection with them to ensure the client is safe and well, and to gauge their physical and emotional state. While doing this, they invite spirit to communicate and give information to pass along to the client.

Becoming a good psychic medium takes years of practice and dedication to enable abilities to grow and develop, and enable the psychic medium to understand how they work, and how to use their abilities ethically and practically. Even the best natural psychic or medium needs practice to hone their skills in order for them to be useful for other people. Most psychics and mediums never stop learning and practicing, and continue to train and seek new experiences and lessons throughout their lifetime.

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