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When I was a little girl I had "imaginary" friends; could feel, see and hear things that other people couldn't seem to.

​I've always been a little different - interested in magic and the paranormal, convinced I had some kind of power or talent that was other worldly.

When I was a teenager I realised that I was psychic at the very least, but I had no idea how to control it. By the time I was around 19 years old (2009) I made the decision to start developing my abilities and began attending development circles, spiritual churches and centres, ghost hunts, etc...

I attended several development courses with different Psychic Mediums such as Daniel Macdonald and Ivan Lee until I met with TJ Higgs in 2013 after one of her shows. During her book signing she turned and asked if I was psychic. From there, she invited me to attend her development courses at her Dragonfly Centre in Hertford, and I have been attending ever since.

As a Medium I can see (Clairvoyance), hear (Clairaudiance), feel (Clairsentience), even smell (Clairscent) Spirit! I am able to connect with those Spirits, feel their emotions (Clairempathy) and pass on messages and give comfort, guidance and reassurance that life continues after death. As a Psychic I can tune in and connect to my clients to provide them with insight into their lives and help them move forward and give them a sense of confidence in the choices and decisions they are facing. I love crystals and cards, and I am able to intuitively use Tarot Cards for readings. I have also dabbled in reading objects (known as Psychometry or Clairtangency) to connect with the past or with it's owner.

I am always striving to develop my abilities to new depths, to enhance any ability I have in order to provide the best possible service to my clients, and to the Spirit World.

I recently moved from Colliers Wood, London and I am currently based in St Leonard's-on-sea/ Hastings in East Sussex, UK. I offer a variety of option for 1-2-1 Psychic Mediumship Readings as well as Reiki Healing and Relaxation Sessions in the local area.

Holly Smith, Heaven & Heal

Holly Smith

Psychic Medium & Reiki Healer

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